1964 T.A.E. Special Edition

1964 T.A.E. Special Edition

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Our T.A.E. (Tube amp. emulator) is the key to our guitar sound. 

Danny Gomez designed pedal, proudly manufactured by LAA Custom, revolutionizes guitar recording and live shows in an ultra compact design with amazing results. 

1964 is a full analog amplifier simulator for LINE connection, as a highly detailed preamp to your amp´s FX LOOP, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp´s INPUT.



  • Powered by T.A.E. technology
  • 20 dB switchable booster
  • True Coil Transformer by LAA Custom
  • Preamp Output
  • Speaker emulated Output
  • Remote switching


  • Input impedance: 1 MOhms.
  • Output Impedance: 6.5 KOhms.
  • Power supply: 9V external AC-DC adaptor
  • Dimensions (mm): 145 x 105 x 74
  • Weight: 400gr.


      “Get now the key to your new sound and be part of the recording and live shows revolution!”


      This is an early bird price for the 1964 T.A.E.,only for 40 units, after that, the full price will be 299€. Hurry up!


      The early bird gets the worm, the rest starve.